Ecological Tours In Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan offers travellers diverse and rich Eco-tourism opportunities from spectacular deserts to magnificent mountains, rocky ranges, caves and cliffs, gorgeous glaciers, picturesque blue rivers, sprawling landscapes, green valleys and much more. Its ecosystems are some of the oldest and most unique on the planet.

By far the most remarkable country in Central Asia, it is difficult to fully discover the natural beauty of Uzbekistan during a single trip. Its varied terrain is home to myriad plants and wildlife which make for a beautiful backdrop for hiking, biking and camping while exploring exotic biotic communities and nature.

Uzbekistan is the ideal destination for environmentally and culturally responsible tourism with synergistic and sustainable tours and accommodations. The capital city of Tashkent offers easy access to the untouched forests and mountains alike and the local authorities take excellent measures to preserve its land, rural communities and animals. The rich Fauna of Uzbekistan boasts more than 600 species of vertebrates, including 97 species of mammals, 424 species of birds, 58 species of reptiles. Equally unique is the country's Flora featuring more than 4,100 species of higher plants.

In Uzbekistan, there are a large number of national parks and reserves with diverse and exotic eco-tourism opportunities. These include Ugham Chatkal State Natural Park, Kitab State Geological Reserve, Aydar-Arnasay System of Lakes, Zerafshan Natural Reserve, Baday-Tugay Natural Reserve, Chatkal State Natural Reserve, Nuratau Natural Reserve, Zaamin National Park and State National Reserve, Hissar and Kitlab State Geological Reserves and Surkhan State Mountain Forest Reserve.