Medical Tours In Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan is emerging as a popular healthcare destination in Central Asia attracting a growing number of overseas tourists seeking world-class medical treatments and care with cutting-edge technology at the most affordable prices. Healthcare in Uzbekistan saves patients between 65% to 75% expenses compared to the cost of similar service in other parts of the world.

Uzbekistan is also a hub of cosmetic and plastic surgery offering high-quality surgical procedures with zero waiting time and highly qualified medical staff and specialists. It is also reputed for advanced dental work and dermatological procedures.

Patients visit Uzbekistan not only for the quality and affordability of healthcare service but also for its unspoilt nature, rich culture, delicious cuisine, warm hospitality and historic charm. Hospitals offer excellent health care packages including airport pick-ups, spacious 5-star rooms with superb facilities for patients as well as their companions, and concierge services.

With an abundance of sun and pure air, the country also offers the perfect healing environment at its sanatoriums and retreats situated in beautiful ecological locations surrounded by picturesque mountains and natural reservoirs. Alpine landscapes, broad-leaved forests, hydrosulfuric springs, scenic rivers and healing muds abound. These sanatoriums are located in the foothills that help to improve the immunity and health of tourists. These treat patients suffering from respiratory tract, neurological and cardiovascular illnesses and problems of gastrointestinal tract and musculoskeletal apparatus.

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